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WHAT THE FUCK YALL ITS SNAPE A DAY [16 Jul 2011|11:45pm]
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What it is my livejournal frenz. This is Alex from Snape-a-Day. We're not back or anything and this lj is still dead forever but our Italian-American friend Carly told me to post this thing because it's horrible so here it is.


Artful BabiesQualityreborn babies for the serious collector

by Master Artist Tracy Ann Lister


Severus Snape

20 Inches

4lb 14oz

My Harry PotterInspired

Baby Collection

I will list two babies each night

Severus Snape

My interpretation of the wonderful SeverusSnape.

Severus, will teach potions, and defence of thedark arts at Hogwarts, and be a constant thorn in Harry Potter's side.



Black romper with death eater badge


^^^I did not make that up to be funny, it seriously says this.

If you are unfamiliar with "reborn" dolls, watch the BBC documentary "My Fake Baby." Childless women buy these baby simulacra and dress them up and talk to them and walk them around in prams because their lady chemicals tell them to. Whoa!

Okay bye livejournal, see you never.
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Day #138 [19 Aug 2006|07:30pm]
Snapes on a Plane
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Day #137 [18 Mar 2006|08:21pm]
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Day #136 [03 Oct 2005|11:36pm]
Is this old news? TOO BAD 'COS IT'S NEW TO ME.


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Day #135 [02 Oct 2005|09:56pm]
Me: I bet Snape eats Rap Snacks.
Lexy: What the fuck, why?
Me: Like for when he leaves his lunch at home, and has to pick up something at 7-11 or whatevs.
Lexy: But.. he works where he lives.
Me: Yeah, but what about when he gets sent on secret missions and shit?
Lexy: Uh.. and he usually packs a lunch?

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Day #134 [16 Sep 2005|10:53pm]
phntmharlock (12:43:46 PM): i dont even know what a snape is?
Murd3rxScen3 (12:44:31 PM): lol he's alan rickman in the hp movies
phntmharlock (12:45:10 PM): oh yes, the detonators, he needed the detonators
Murd3rxScen3 (12:45:57 PM): umm wasn't that die hard?
phntmharlock (12:46:09 PM): yessir

I don't know, I thought it was funny.

- Lisa
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Day #133 [26 Jul 2005|12:41am]
one time neville was running through the hall looking for trevor and snape heard neville thumping down the hall and it was hard ot keep time while playing his trumpet, so he was like, "WHOOOA SONNY, WHAT AND WHERE!" and neville was like "gosh professor snape! trevor got away from me!" and there was a pause for a moment and neville goes, "boy, you sure play a mean trumpet!" and snape was all flustered because he doesn't know how to take a compliment so he was like, "thank you, longbottom." and then he reaches into the bell of his trumpet and pulls out trevor.

- girl_wonder

Snape-a-Day has only been updated TWICE since my last birthday. What the shit.

- Lisa
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Day #132 - MYSTERY! [05 Sep 2004|02:33pm]

Hell is a bloody ass no one else can see.Collapse )
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Day #131 [31 Aug 2004|12:08pm]
Snape once flung himself over the Great Wall of China lengthwise, in a catapult he built out of the bones and teeth of his oppressors.
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[26 Jul 2004|02:38am]
It's Lisa's birthday, folks! Recognize!
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Day #130 [25 Jul 2004|11:48pm]
Manips by oneshotnothingCollapse )

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Day #129 [03 Jul 2004|02:32am]
X soy latte (1:36:41 AM): you know how when airplanes put out fires by scooping up water in a bucket thing from a nearby water source and dumping it on the fire?
ILoveKurtNilsen (1:36:55 AM): yeah
X soy latte (1:37:17 AM): so when there's a fire, you dive in the lake.. and when the plane comes you try to get scooped up in the bucket
ILoveKurtNilsen (1:37:26 AM): KASDJFH
ILoveKurtNilsen (1:37:27 AM): THAT
ILoveKurtNilsen (1:37:28 AM): FUCKING
ILoveKurtNilsen (1:37:29 AM): RULES
ILoveKurtNilsen (1:37:52 AM): i want to firedive
ILoveKurtNilsen (1:39:19 AM): i bet snape firedives
ILoveKurtNilsen (1:39:20 AM): alot
ILoveKurtNilsen (1:39:34 AM): that's how voldemort got him to join the death eaters. voldemort was putting out a fire and he scooped up snape
X soy latte (1:40:04 AM): and he was like "hey let's be friends!"
ILoveKurtNilsen (1:40:09 AM): YES!
X soy latte (1:40:10 AM): and snape was like "YAY"
X soy latte (1:40:29 AM): and then voldemort forgot about the fire and just flew snape around the countryside in the bucket
X soy latte (1:40:36 AM): and snape was like "wheee! XD"
ILoveKurtNilsen (1:41:04 AM): dude DRAW THAT

And so I did.Collapse )

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Day #128 [27 Jun 2004|02:00am]
ILoveKurtNilsen (3:39:20 PM): We had the lunch of the day, tons of crap, and then "retard food."
ILoveKurtNilsen (3:39:40 PM): Which was shit like bologna, peanut butter and orange slices.
padfootxmajoris (3:39:39 PM): Heeee, retard food. It sounds like it should come in little pellets.
ILoveKurtNilsen (3:39:56 PM): OMG like at the zoo where you put 25 cents in the thing and crank it and give it to the goats.
padfootxmajoris (3:40:02 PM): Yes.
ILoveKurtNilsen (3:40:03 PM): OMG that'd have made high school so much better.
padfootxmajoris (3:40:17 PM): And then the goats/retarded folk come and lick it out of your hand and nuzzle you.
ILoveKurtNilsen (3:40:17 PM): that's how they feed snape you know
ILoveKurtNilsen (3:40:40 PM): people will put food in their hands in the great hall and poke it through his play pen and he;d eat it and nuzzle your hand.
ILoveKurtNilsen (3:40:48 PM): With a look of glee.
padfootxmajoris (3:41:03 PM): Sometimes he bites whole fingers off, though, students do it at their own risk.
ILoveKurtNilsen (3:41:34 PM): Dumbledore, at the megining of the year, demonstrates how to feed him (hand flat, tipped downwards) but some kids never listen.
padfootxmajoris (3:43:46 PM): After a successful feeding he'll let the students scratch behind his ears and brush him and rub his tummy. Sometimes the firsties are put on his back and he'll run around with them riding him for a while before he gets scared and shakes them off. After about six or seven feedings he curls into a ball and falls asleep, so students show up really early to get a good place in line.
padfootxmajoris (3:44:01 PM): Also, the pellets? Totally made of dehydrated balogna and cream cheese.
ILoveKurtNilsen (3:44:20 PM): Of course. Also of peanut buttery oranges, and puffed rice cereal.
ILoveKurtNilsen (3:44:36 PM): And after that he shits all over the place.

the result.Collapse )

Also, just for the hell of it.Collapse )
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Day #127 [07 Jun 2004|12:20am]
POA YEYEYEYEYYYY ok. This is Lisa posting something Alex wrote.

These publicity photos are rather unconventional, aren't they? Usually they're set up against either a white nothingness or some vaguely atmospheric setpiece, but these honestly look like Snape stalked down to the Sears Portrait Studio, waited in line behind a string of families in matching overalls, slapped twenty-nine galleons and ninety-nine knuts on the counter and snarled, "I demand twelve wallet prints and six potrait sheets. Furthermore, I possess a coupon for one free coffee-mug with my likeness printed upon it."

They tried to offer him a decorative background, such as the "hearts aflutter," the "time for school," or the "old glory," but he refused with a derisive sneer, so they defaulted to "traditional."

They wasted over a roll of film trying to coax a smile out of him. His lip curled when they chirped, "watch the birdie!" To their puzzlement, he kept fluffing his robes out behind him so that they resembled a flowing, windblown cape.

"The camera adores you, Severus," they caught him murmuring to himself as he shifted, with some joint-cracking and a grunt of effort, from one pose to the next. "Make love to it. Work it. Work it, girl. Work it."

Three to five business days later Snape picked up his prints. The wallet prints went into his own wallet, the eight-by-tens were hidden underneath the lining of his jewelry box, awaiting the day when he'd work up the guts to call that modelling agency in Hogsmeade, and the mug was placed next to the Mr. Coffee in the staff room. Now we shall see who dares besmirch my mug, Snape thought to himself. 'Oh, it wasn't marked clearly enough, Severus!' My arse. Merlin, I bet Vector has oral herpes, too.


Additionally, girl_wonder has made these lovely manips:

Time for School

Old Glory

Hearts of Flutter
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Day #126 [30 May 2004|01:23pm]
PoA update type stuff:

The trailer and eleven clips of the movie are up at Yahoo! Movies.

Here's a picture out of Alan Rickman at the afterparty, shakin' it like a polaroid picture: picCollapse )

Also, Snape's new promo shots are out. The first thing that popped into my head when I saw them was, Damn it feels good to be a gangsta.Collapse )
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Day #125 [27 May 2004|07:20pm]
Guess who's in space!

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Day #124 [09 Apr 2004|09:25pm]
boyband!snapeCollapse )

riotgirl!snapeCollapse )

hotfreakingstud!snapeCollapse )

By the hot & spicy oneshotnothing.
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Day #123 [04 Apr 2004|01:22am]
piktchurs.Collapse )

"simon's angry because snape undermines the integrity of the competition, voldemort is in shock because not since lucius's crossdressing phase has he seen something so awful and lockhart is embarrassed because snape totally ignored his hair bleaching tips."

By girl_wonder.
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Day#122 [02 Apr 2004|08:33pm]
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Day #040104 [01 Apr 2004|12:01am]
I've got some sad news for you all.

As you know, Snape-a-Day has been rather inconsistent lately. Our lives have gotten a lot busier, and it's become a real hassle to keep the journal updated every day. So, after a lot of deliberating and - we'll admit - a few tears, we're saying goodbye. Maybe we'll be back someday, after Lisa's had her thyroid surgery, Carly's finished her training at Miss Rhonda's School of Hairstyling and Manicure, and I've finally reached the OT III in my quest for peace and enlightenment via Scientology. We've loved bringing you Snape-a-Day every day and not-so-much-every-day since August (August!) of 2003, but it's time to pack it in.

We thought we'd leave you with a poem; something from our hearts.

Au revoir, dear friends,
perhaps someday, we'll meet again,
remember us fondly, and without regret,
it will be so hard to forget,
lives we've touched, laughs we've had,
Forevermore, we will be sad,
oh, how I wish it wasn't so,
oh, how I wish we didn't have to go,
look back on all the good times we've shared,
snape is so much fun when he's mentally impaired.

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